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New Ideas and New Beginnings: Take The Poll!

Let’s forget the baggages of the past and make a new beginning.

Shehbaz Sharif

Hello there, my lovelies! This is probably going to be a short post. I’m going to try something new…I’m going to add a poll. I want to get your opinion on the next big step for The Winter Of My Discontent! I have a good idea and I want to see if it’s something that YOU would be interested in…consuming?

Anyway, I was brainstorming with a friend today about an idea that started to form a few days ago (thank you, Vic…I adore you!) and I was telling her about an idea that had started to take shape a few days ago. I would start a blog series and interview ADHD and mental health creators; get to know the creators behind the content kind of thing.

While vibing with my pal, we really came up with something great, I think.

The Idea

Here is what I’m thinking:

Once or twice a month, I will interview an ADHD or mental health advocate, creator, or creative. I will write a blog on each person and then ask them to join me in guest-hosting The Winter Of My Discontent Podcast.

That’s right, my dears…I’m thinking about bringing back the podcast with a new format. Dorene can no longer be with us (we love her too!!) as she runs a large charity in the winter months and simply doesn’t have the time. But I would have a new co-host each episode…always someone within our community

Instead of trying to run a blog and a podcast as separate entities under the same name, I’m going to have them walk hand in hand. The podcast will be a compliment to the blog series.

I’m even thinking of doing a quarterly episode where I invite on several people at once for a panel on the issues facing the community.

The Poll

Here’s where you guys come in. What I’m proposing will be a lot of work. I’m totally down…if this is something that you guys feel like would serve you. Over the last several months, I’ve thrown several things at you. Fast and loose.

There is my Mental Health Blogging: A Beginner’s Guide course (it’s 50% off right now, if you’re interested), then I created the RedBubble store, and then I became an empowerment coach. Some of what I’ve tried has worked and some of it hasn’t and I fully expected that. But I want to get your input on this.

So do me a HUGE favor and take the poll:

And that is that! I will, of course, keep you all updated on the progress…whatever I decide to do. Keep holding me accountable! Reach out on and remind me, “Where is our new material???”

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3 responses to “New Ideas and New Beginnings: Take The Poll!”

  1. Biren Avatar

    What an idea, Amber! I really loved it and especially the purpose behind it. Great to see that you’re going to start a podcast soon, you can definitely consider me in to listen to your podcast! Wishing you all the very best for this! Also, Vic is an amazing person, I would say she is truly an awesome person to discuss this! Go, go, go for it, Amber!

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    1. Amber Corinne Avatar

      Thank you, Biren! I’m nervous about it, but you just have to get out there and do it, right?!

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      1. Biren Avatar

        Exactly! Every new thing we try always needs something to be done by taking it as an opportunity and welcome or face it with open heart and things will go well gradually!

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